Sabre Finance
An innovative approach to investing in small business in Alabama


Financial Support For Creatives, Entrepreneur, Innovators & Manufacturers

What We Offer


Our Revolving Loan Fund is created with growth in mind: the growth of your business, the growth of local job markets, and the growth of the greater Birmingham region. We work with entrepreneurs to help start or grow small businesses, and we use the interest paid on each new loan to expand the total amount we are able to loan.

Micro Loans

Financing For Up To 6 Years With A $50,000 Maximum

Machinery & Equipment

Financing For Useful Life

building & Real Estate

Financing For Up To 5 Years & 20 Years Amortization

Working Capitol

Financing For Up To 7 Years


Our Lending Goals


Job Creation

We assist both start-up and mid-life companies by helping them connect with the resources they need.  We don’t just want to help you start a business; we want to help you create and grow a business that is hardy and fruitful.  We have an extensive network of partners that have a vested interest in making businesses successful in Alabama.

Creative Investment

We provide companies with financial options that meet their needs, and we provide technical assistance to help ensure long-lasting success.  From short-term cash flow needs to lines of credit or from small equipment purchases to mortgages for that new building, we are able to match financial solutions to ensure business growth.

business growth

We continuously work our businesses to ensure success well after we have made our initial investment or lending of funds.  We provide business counseling and assist with identifying and cultivating the next steps in the business’s life cycle.


Growing Job Creation & Employee Retention In Alabama