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Are You A Small Business Owner In Alabama?

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The goal of our lending program is to promote economic growth and investment in Alabama by focusing on small businesses that are in:

  • Emerging Technology

  • Food & Beverage Industry

  • Healthcare Related

  • Historical Revitalization

  • Manufacturing & Distribution



Our Process


Our Revolving Loan Fund is created with growth in mind: the growth of your business, the growth of local job markets, and the growth of the greater Birmingham region. We work with entrepreneurs to help start or grow small businesses, and we use the interest paid on each new loan to expand the total amount we are able to loan.

Let’s Talk

Come have coffee with us at our downtown Birmingham office or let us come visit your business or the future site of your business.  We want to hear all about you and your vision for growth.


Gather your important documents such as your business plan, resume & relevant financial documents and fill out our application. This gives us a thorough view of who you are and what you would do with funding.


Once we have all of your materials, we take the time to dig through it as a team.  There’s no software conducting an analysis of your business proposal.  Our team of experts who want nothing but success for our applicants.

do business

Upon approval, we will propose the best financial solution we can find for you.  That solution can be a short-term cash flow loan, a line of credit, an equipment loan, a working capital loan, a mortgage, or a custom-made option unique to you and your business.



To Get Started

Gather the following items and get in touch with us:


Business Plan


financial documents


Even if you are still gathering your business information, please reach out and book an appointment. We are excited to discuss your business and how our loans can work for you.