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Branding… What is your story?

As a small business, you have your own personal story of where you came from, where you’re going, and how you want to get there. Its important to breakthrough and let that story live through each aspect of your company. This story is commonly referred to as the company’s “brand”. The brand is how consumers will view the company, the products and services, and the people who make it run each and every day. These items do not make your brand yet act as a representation of the business. It is key to maintain uniformity with brand throughout each aspect of the business.

Establishing an effective brand allows your customers to build a unique and authentic relationship with your business that can not be easily replicated. This is a major function which will set you apart from the competition. The following list will highlight the items used to create and maintain your brand consistently throughout your company.

1.     Logo – The company’s logo will be one of the first things that a potential consumer will notice or encounter when searching for products and services. The logo is the face of the business and will stand as the lasting image, distinguishing you from other competitors. Colors, graphics, and verbiage associated with the logo all need careful time and attention when creating a key visual of the BRAND.

2.     Tagline – The company’s tagline is the recognizable phrase associated with your brand. You want it to be memorable, catchy, concise, and draw the consumer to a place of identification. This area is where, the brand can push its mission in a fun, personal way. Take a moment and think of some of the catchy taglines from some of your favorite companies.

3.     Dress Code – Employees dress or uniform is key in brick and mortar shops. The employees stress will be one of the first things noticed in a customer’s interaction. Company branded clothing which displays a neat, professional, or sometimes kooky and fun atmosphere will strengthen the brand’s identity.

4.     Message – The message can be broken down into several areas. We will focus on the overarching message of the firm and how that influences things such as the words that employees use when interacting with customers. Chick Fil A has mastered their message from their signage, to atmosphere, and most notably the famous use of “my pleasure” when replying to customer appreciation. Creating the message of service or gratitude as such as been fully integrated into the service that is provided by Chick Fil A employees.

As with daily operations, the brand must be routinely evaluated to ensure consistency and satisfaction with team members and customers. Take a step back and visualize how you want yourself and company perceived. Build out the message that you want communicated and begin to create the tools to tell your story.

Tell your story.

Samuel Kellett