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From Start to Finish: Sabre is Here

Seeking out funding for your existing business or start up can be confusing, scary, and downright overwhelming. There are so many questions and boxes to check before you can even begin to speak to someone, right? WRONG. At Sabre Finance, we look to help you with every step even if that means taking a step back and reexamining some items first. We want to make sure you and your business are ready to take on the funding needed to secure your creative space, inventory, and team members so that you can be successful without the agonizing stress of WILL I EVER PAY THIS BACK. So, lets get started on this journey together through Sabre’s Application process.

To begin, it takes a simple inquiry through email, phone, private message on our website, LinkedIn, Instagram, or a friendly referral from some of our close relationships within the community. From there, we would like to meet with you face to face. Our loan officer can set up a time in our office to share a cup of coffee or even come to your space to get a greater feel for what you are wanting to accomplish. Your comfort and assurance in our quality of service is fundamental in building a lifetime relationship with us at Sabre.

Following our one-on-one meeting, we move to completing our application and collecting of materials such as a business plan, company financials and projections, and any information that may give us a greater insight into the amazing goals that you have set forth. These items will be thoroughly reviewed and discussed by our team to ensure that you are getting the highest quality and most personalized evaluation tailored to your company’s needs.

The next step is to send over our client contact sheet and credit check authorization form to ensure complete compliance and understanding that the personal and business credit will be pulled. The Sabre team will then sit down and discuss the entirety of the information provided so that the best loan package is created.

Upon, approval of the loan, we will send out an acceptance letter and set up an opportunity to come into our office, meet the team, sign paperwork, and collect the funding so that you may continue to build and progress your business.

At Sabre Finance, we are a family looking to create avenues of growth both financially and professionally for our clients. If you have a business or even an idea, come talk to us. We will discuss your dreams and needs on a personal level to ensure that your best interests are the utmost focus.

At Sabre Finance, we are a family.
Samuel Kellett