Sabre Finance
An innovative approach to investing in small business in Alabama


Sabre Finance: Beyond the Blade

By: Samuel Kellett




Is it a weapon from the early Napoleonic era? The name of our CEO’s dog? OR for fans of The Office, a hilarious inside joke?

For our team and clients, Sabre represents a combination of all three as we strive to be a vital resource, partner, and source of comfort to our community of entrepreneurs. Amidst the growing vibrance and excitement of downtown Birmingham, Alabama, Sabre works to expand this growth to all communities with the goal of empowering entrepreneurs and small-business owners to surpass their wildest dreams. This idea is emblazoned within the Sabre team as our mission is to cultivate and grow healthy local economies in Alabama.

“Our entrepreneurs are the difference”

Working in communities across the region with a goal to reach all corners of the state, Sabre seeks to remove the chains and enable success in all industries through our variety of lending tools. These include food and beverage service, historical revitalization, emerging technology, manufacturing & distribution, and healthcare related products and services.

We believe that real, powerful talent exists in our own backyard because we have witnessed the development from thought to action to success. If you were to ride through Birmingham it will be hard to miss a shop, café, or vendor not impacted by the assistance of a community development financial institution, like ourselves. The driving force behind these successes is the grit and determination of the local entrepreneurs whom have given their time, resources, and life to accomplishing their goals. The Birmingham metropolitan area and economically distressed areas of Alabama have seen a revitalization, not only through these initial successes, but because of the willingness of the state’s entrepreneurs to pour themselves back into the community that supported their beginnings.

At Sabre Finance, the mission is to equip and enable the talent with the resources to make their dreams come to life in our Alabama communities. Sabre uses a seed-to-fruit approach, beginning with a business, product, or service idea and staying with it and the team until it reaches full bloom.

Sabre exists to equip every knight with his sword and each entrepreneur the capital, support, and tools to launch their product, open their restaurant, and live out their creative dreams.  Let us be your next step in pursuing YOU.
Samuel Kellett