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Our Revolving Loan Fund is created with growth in mind: the growth of your business, the growth of local job markets, and the growth of the greater Birmingham region. We work with entrepreneurs to help start or grow small businesses, and we use the interest paid on each new loan to expand the total amount we are able to loan.

Let’s talk

Come have coffee with us at our downtown Birmingham office or let us come visit your business or the future site of your business.  We want to hear all about you and your vision for growth.


Scroll down to our streamlined application gives us a thorough view of who you are and what you would do with funding.  


Once we have all of your materials, we take the time to dig through it as a team.  There’s no software conducting an analysis of your business proposal.  There is a team of experts who want nothing but success for our applicants.  Our goal is to have answer to you in 7 to 10 days.

do business

Upon approval, we will propose the best financial solution we can find for you.  Depending on the business and the project, that solution can be a short-term cash flow loan, a line of credit, an equipment loan, a working capital loan, a mortgage, or a custom-made option unique to you and your business.  Once the deal is sealed, we’re there for you through every stage – planting to harvest – to ensure that you are successful.  





The goal of our lending programs is to promote economic growth and investment in Alabama.  Our primary target businesses are:

  • Manufacturing and distribution businesses and related services

  • Emerging technology businesses

  • Businesses that fill a need or gap in services in an area

  • Healthcare related businesses

  • Businesses that contribute to revitalization

Eligible uses include the purchase and development of land and buildings, renovation or modification of existing buildings, purchase of machinery and equipment, and the provision of working capital.

We have a goal of one job for every $25,000, of assistance at minimum, so applicants must be willing to commit to create or retain one job for every $25,000, that they request.

In order to ensure owner/principal commitment to the business and the project, we require that all owners/principals personally guaranty each loan.  We also require the commitment that the business will not relocate out of our region until the funds are paid back in full.



Revolving Loan Fund Application


Additional Documentation Requried

  1. Business Plan, if start-up funding is requested. Otherwise a narrative of business
    history is accepted.

  2. Narrative project description including timeline, sustainability, benefit to the
    company, and detailed costs including land acquisition, new construction,
    renovation, machinery and/or equipment acquisitions, etc.

  3. Current signed and dated financial statements for any person who owns 20% or
    more interest in the business.

  4. Executed credit check authorization and color copy of driver’s license for each
    person who owns 20% or more interest in the business.

  5. Resumes on owners/principals and executives.

  6. Federal tax returns filed by the business for the most recent three years of
    operation or personal tax returns for the previous three years if the applicant is a
    sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation that does not have audited
    financial statements.

  7. Any insurance information carried on property or person including key man life

  8. Information concerning any pending or threatened litigation or administrative
    proceeding, any outstanding administration orders, judgments or injunctions or
    involvement in ANY bankruptcy.

  9. Statements concerning the source(s) of equity for the project and how said
    source(s) will be obtained.

  10. A letter certifying the job creation and retention commitment stating the
    numbers of jobs created and retained, a statement of the business’s
    understanding that a failure to meet this commitment will result in an interest
    rate increase on the loan or a complete recall of the loan and a statement that
    the business will not discriminate against any person based on race, color,
    national origin, religion, age, handicap, or sex when being considered for

  11. If applicable, commitment letter from bank(s) regarding any financing to be

  12. Any environmental questionnaires, reviews, reports, or audits conducted by the
    applicant, lending institutions, or their agents.

  13. A statement from the business certifying that it will not relocate out of the RLF
    region during the term of the loan and that in the event of relocation outside of
    the region the business will immediately repay the loan.

  14. A two-year projected financial statement given the implementation of the
    proposed project.